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Diamond Twinkle Brush Set

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Diamond Twinkle Brush Set
These holo-luminous, diamond-cut wands will forever be a part of your makeup regiment. Their twinkling handles are made with a durable yet lightweight material, crystallized under epic heat to withstand the fiercest blushing, blending, lining and buffing – you name it! The set contains all the essential brushes and more to create the perfect bejeweled look, whether you use them with powders, creams or your favorite liquids. The Diamond Twinkle Brushes come with dual-toned, cruelty-free & anti-microbial fiber heads that are plush, super-silky and 100% vegan.

Set contains:

Diamond Twinkle – Angled Contour Brush
Diamond Twinkle – Large Tapered Face Brush
Diamond Twinkle – Fan Brush
Diamond Twinkle – Shadow Buffing Brush
Diamond Twinkle – Blending Brush

100% Cruelty-Free (We do NOT test our products or ingredients on animals)